2018 National Climate Study, Stakeholders, Social Impact  Confirm Going Green is Business Imperative in Garden State.

2018 National Climate Study, Stakeholders, Social Impact Confirm Going Green is Business Imperative in Garden State.

By Kim Keating, Founder & CEO, GIVE Marketing, LLC

Creating a sustainable business is no longer a nice to have, it’s a business imperative. Just ask Helaine Barr, Athena Sarafides and Gina Gambacortoat the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection — Energy and Sustainability. They provide state-level resources, assistance and promotional support to help New Jersey businesses and nonprofits go green or amp up their current sustainability efforts.  Among the offerings are guides on adopting green practices like energy conservation and sustainable leadership principles to case studies of municipalities and businesses successfully operating with a green state of mind.  https://www.nj.gov/dep/aqes

Reasons to Go Green. There are many, but here are two: Read the grim findings and predictions from the 2018 National Climate Assessment, released publically at the end of November. It details the devastating impact that climate change is having and will continue to have on air quality, the young and elderly, our economy, our infrastructure and our environment over all. We all need to do our part now to limit, counteract and hopefully, one day, prevent these negative, potentially deadly circumstances from happening.

Or, consider the needs and perspectives of your existing stakeholders. As reported in a Harvard Business Review article, entitled “The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability,” by Tenise Whelan and Carly Fink, “Nearly two-thirds of consumers acrosssix international markets believe they “have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society” — 82% in emerging markets and 42% in developed markets. Furthermore, according to a Deloitte 2017 Millennial Survey regarding social impact, 76% of Millennials regard business as a source for positive social impact.

Join the Club. If you practice sustainability, produce a sustainable product or provide an eco-conscious service, then consider getting the credit you deserve while serving as a role model for other organizations adopting an environmental ethos by applying for membership with the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry. You can join hundreds of companies like one of my favorites –my client ZaGO Manufacturing www.zago.com– which produces clean sealing solutions and components that block pollutants for the medical device, energy, utilities, automotive, electronics, aeronautics, and exterior lighting industries, among others and is 100% reliant on solar energy, as well as Earth Friendly Products, Arlee’s RAW BLENDS cold-pressed juices, Express Scripts, and more.

You can also consider joining businesses, community organizations, academia and policymakers at the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council to show your support of the three “P’s” encompassing “People. Planet. Profit.” Learn from eco-conscious companies (Earth Friendly Products at www.ethos.com is a member) and purpose-driven leaders and get a front-line view and firsthand understanding of the emerging and existing ethical policies and business practices shaping our local economy, our communities and other stakeholders.  You can learn more at https://njsbcouncil.org or speak with Richard Lawton, the organization’s executive director.

Sustainable Strategy. Sustainable Business. Whatever green principles and practices you choose to adopt, sustainability should become an inherent part of your organization’s short and long-term business strategy, including sales, marketing and communications. Your stakeholders will thank you for your efforts in the form of praise, loyalty and increased sales and your positive impact on the environment will yield benefits for generations to come.

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About the author: Kim Keating is founder and CEO of GIVE Marketing, LLC, a purpose-driven strategic planning, marketing and branding consultancy firm located in Co-Lab, Bell Works, Holmdel, New Jersey, and a Steering Committee Member of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council. For more information on Kim, visit her LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimtkeating/or log onto the GIVE Marketing website at www.givemarketingllc.com